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 submitted by pondering-owl: Water Hyacinth I found in my backyard
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How and Why to Submit a photo to Floralls

i  get many asks about that so here is how it goes;



follow the numbers on the photo,

  1. open my blog choose the “Submit” button, you will get this page
  2. now choose the camera symbol this way you will upload any photo that is saved in your computer once you upload it, the name of the image will be written under the camera symbol (cadillac-eldorado-1.jpg is the name of the jpg image i choose  as an example so yours will be diffirent!)
  3. once the image is uploaded you will get the symbols marked with 3 in the picture  the first symbol (the one looks like an eternity symbol) is the one you must choose to add a click through link. it will open a drop down line where you can  link the picture to the page you want ( if the photo is yours link it to your own tumblr or photoblog  url  if the photo is not yours link it to it’s owners website or to website you find it,                                FYI if you dont set a click through link, the image will autamaticaly link to my blog not yours untill now i was adding to click through links to the images if there isnot any but i wont be doing it anymore so it is your own risk!! - (the X symbol is to remove the image you uploaded you can choose a new one when you remove the other) 
  4. (THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL!)  you can add any caption you want under the photo i prefer you add an explanation about the image (where/when it is taken or name of the image etc…) you can also add any private  message for me i always read them but i delete them while publishing the photo 
  5. you can tag the photo as flower or floral if you want ( this step is also optional but i prefer you to tag so your image can be listed under the tag searches and  can be seen/shared by more people )
  6. after you are done all the above you have to tick the “I accept the terms of submission” box otherwise your image  wont be submitted ( this step is provided by tumblr itself it has nothing to do with me the terms are the offical terms of tumblr company you need to accept them nomatter which blog you want to submit anything)  
  7. choose the submit button and thats all  :)


another question i get about submission is

what do you get from publishing submissions/ what do people get if they submit to your page


PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RULES LISTED ON THE SUBMISSION PAGE before you submit anything.All the submissions are queued for approval so they will only be published if i approve them and i wont approve any image that doesnt follow the rules!!!

it takes a week maximum  for an submission to be published (because first, i couldnt check my mesages everyday second  i add them to queue if they are approved so it can take a while to post them ) if an image is not suitable for publishin’ for any reason i always message the submission owner and explain the reason; if your image doesnt published in a week and you dont get any messages from me it probably means something went wrong and i havent recieved your image in thatcase please feel free to message  me or resubmit the image

.All the submitted photos can be found at


Thanks for reading :)

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