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girl with bicycle (by Dima Viunnyk)
Hi guys!!

as some of you noticed i couldnt update so often for last couple of days the reason is;  i was on holiday —-no this is not  one of  fun “i was on holiday and couldnt find time to post” stories :D mines goes like this—-  the 2nd day  i cut my finger with a knife i was nearly loosing my finger but it is cool now and then the 4th day i fell from stairs  and broke my ankle :/  yep i know it sounds like a great holiday LOL!

and now  i couldnt get out of bed, couldnt even move. couldnt hold anything because of my finger   i am mostly sleepy because of  all the painkillers  so my posts  will be very afew for sometime  and i probably couldnt be answering any messages or publishing your submission i am terribly sorry for that

i hope i will be better soon

meanwhile please stick around and pray for me :)

I hope you are all having a great summer ( atleast better than mine :P ) 

love you all  <3 <3

Imagine (by kristina micova)
Hiking memories. (by Hello i’m Wild !)
. (by green_is_in)
(by cpham_)
(by J.de.Leon)
Rest in the woods (by daylessday)
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