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pocket-kristy-to-the-max:Your blog just keeps getting and better every day. Seeing these flowers are really comforting to me and I wanted to thank you for that.

yay !it is the main target :D

it is so easy when there are great photos on my dashboard <3

thank you dear for the lovely message <3

Anonymous:hi! i really love your blog and it's one of my favourites! i was just wondering, would it be possible if your music player wasn't on autoplay? sometimes the music players that are on autoplay really mess up with my browser, plus i'm listening to my own music so it kinda interrupts it. i'm sorry if this sounds rude and you absolutely don't have to do it if you don't want to! once again, i really love your blog and i hope you're having a great day :)


first of all thanks :)

about the player, i am terribly sorry it causes you problem but i really love to keep my player the way it is.  it is  actualy so  easy to turn it off;  just click the cat icon on the left top then stop the player if you dont want it to play sorrry that’s best i can do for you 

u too have a great one <3

theversatilist:Hi! Just to tell you I absolutely adore your blog. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

Gosh you are the sweetest, tank you so much hun <3

1776km:I'm obsessed with your blog! Magnifique:)

aw! this is so sweet of you :)

thanks dear <3

bookishlibrarian:You have such a lovely and pretty blog!

you are so kind Lucy, thank you <3

queen-kestral:Love your account so much omg !!


Thanks Ren :)

collapsedofdreams:I love your blog!! So beautiful flowers! :D

Thank you hun <3

spookyheartdiaries:I just want you to know that I LOVE your floral blog. A lot of the rustic photos are under my inspo tag for the fantasy book i'm writing. your stuff is so great I love it I love you I love flowers flower power yeah! xx

hey Ashley!

wow thanks, i will def. check your writing and poetry :)


y3llowgirl: hey Nata  thank youuu &lt;3 btw i love giraffes too :D
fireworksgagah: Thanks hun, you are super sweet &lt;3
fireworksgagah: gosh! thanks for the lovely message Sim, you put a huge smile on my face :)
truly1310:I love your blog so much!! One of my favorites :))

you are the sweetest!!

thank you hun :)

Thank alot dear byrondelarge, buyheraflower, kitty-eats-cake for the sweet notes you left in my askbox &lt;3
ineedfelixfelicis:Your blog is so beautiful I love it ♡ and it is such a great idea I love flowers :)

I am glad you like it Alex!

thanks <3

mybeautifulsweetheart:Do I have to say it again? Your blog is the most beautiful floral blogs on Tumblr <3. I infinitely enjoy it.


Thank you very much Huda,

you are always so kind your messages make my day as usual <3 <3

vagueastheshadow:I really love your blog ^_^ It's definitely one of my favourites. You post some really beautiful photos :)

Gosh, i am honored! :)

thank you dear <3

rainydayzmc:I love your account so much! ♥


thanks alot hun!

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