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love4flowers:I love your account! My question is: what is the reason you joined tumblr? :)

Thank alot dear :)

i came a cross tumblr while i was searching for  a picture on net and it was love at first sight and i am addicted since then :)

dinosaurier88:Love your blog soooo much! xxxx


Thanks Alexandra :)

jilbabstyle:You don't have to reply, I just wanted to say that i like your blog and flowers in general, i'm glad its spring now to see all the flowers bloom and grow :) Anyways I hope I made you smile. every the rest of your day, Bye.


thanks for  the lovely message you def. put a smile on my  face :)

pearlbluesea:Amazing blog ♥

Thank you dear <3

ejacugreat:stop posting so many cute things it hurts

heheh :) sorry ‘bout that  :D


fluffydweeb:You guys have an amazing blog ;w;

Thank you dear :)


clerifirie and flamingosdreams Thank you both for your lovely messages <3 <3 

(sorry i cant publish them right now :/ )

fashion-with-flowers:Your blog is really amazing I can't stop reblogging! :)


thanks Rain :)

knowwhoyouareandyourworth:WOW! HOW AM i NOT FOLLOWING YOU YET! THIS BLOG IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Oh my goodness

yay!! i am glad you found me!! lol

Thank you sweetie <3 <3

huntingbabee:you inspire me

aw! wow!! :)

thanks hun <3

c0ncisely:This blog is beautiful, you have no idea the appreciation and gratitude I have for you making this blog! Keep it up ;)

Thanks alot Jordan :)

you are the sweetest <3



extremizando:your blog is just amazing! 💛

Thank you Yasmin <3

helium-muffin:Your blog is so lovely <3

Thanks Vanessa <3

halaalobaidy:💓 I love your blog so much; It's imazing 😍 Thank you : )


you are so kind! thanks :)

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