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isabellarella:I really like your photos


Thanks Bella :)

insplifestyle:Hey! I love your blog, it's amazing!! :)

hi Karolina!

thank you so much <3

dewymossempire:I love flowers ^^

hi Edward <3

welcome to the club :)

emilyblairenolan:I just wanted to let you know your blog brings pure happiness and I want to thank you for sharing the beauty that is floral .

nope! i thank you for being such a sweetheart Em <3

compliments-people:You're awesome and an amazing person!

i dont know whose idea was this but this’s a brilliant blog 

thanks i know you are not a person but you are pretty awsome for a bot and you rock too! lol :)

lavender-and-myrrh:Lovely blog... ~Neva

thank u Neva.


fox-corner:I'm in love with your blog. <3

i am honored!

thanks hun <3

Gosh i am speechless guys&#160;!
you definetly made my day, i cant explain how lucky i feel because of all the love and kindness i receive  :)
you are all awsome&#160;!
thank you Ethan, casnoelleee and kaweheokalani &lt;3 &lt;3
blog-mrym:I'm in love with your blog!!! Ohmagod💗


thanks Maryam <3

l-a-i-r:Lovely blog! Lovely! Following!


i appreciate it <3

haveawarinmymind:What's your favorite flower ?

i dont know it is hard to choose  :D

but i can say  poppies… i guess :)

trecentoquarantaseichilometri:I love flowers and everything floral so i love your blog so much <3

it is always pleasure to meet new “flower lovers”

thank you Ilaria <3

caqes:i love your blog omfg


thanks dear!

le-victrix:Your blog is sooo sweet <3


thanks Victoria :)

a-distortedd:Sem dúvidas para mim, o melhor tumblr de todos <3

you are the sweetest <3


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