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@transcenderei: Thank you so much Isadora <3
@sara28320 : Vielen Dank Sara <3
@la-demoiselle-d-azur : so previous ones werent so good ? ok notted lol! thanks hun <3
@taintedyetagain: aww! aent you the sweetest! thanks for the super cute message hun <3
sheisbc:After following your blog, you makes me really addicted to flowers. I adore you as well as your blog. Much love 🌸😊💐❤️🌹

yeap that was my evil plan since the begining i will  make all of you addicted to flowers soon or later!! today tumblr tomorrow the whole world hahahah( insert evil laugh)

lol!!……………….. :D  

sorry….. too much pain killer :/

thanks! <3

librarypicture:i feel like i reblog everything you post, but i just love your blog :). you post the best things in my opinion. take care :)).


thanks Maria, xoxo!!

you are super sweet as usual  <3

cerulean-blossom:Your blog brings a smile to my face! Not too long ago, it was simply a recommended blog on my dashboard. Flowers and trees are so precious, and I think your blog captures the endearment of that, y'know? <3


this is such a lovely message thank you dear!

i am glad you took time to check my blog and followed it :D

btw, i loved you illustrations <3

beeandbreakdown:Floral designs and flowers are my absolute favorite, thank you so much for adding such beauty to my blog!

That s amazing i hope you will share your work with us i’d love to see it :)


november-leigh:Your blog is so pretty! I love it! Thanks for all the lovely flowers! =)


Thank you very much Leigh :)

alifewithstars:I really love your blog, I mean it's the most perfect blog that I've ever seen ♥

you are so kind Lucia<3


natur-ally:omg, what a beautiful blog! :) favs <3 have a great day! x

aw! thanks alot sweetie!

theantlerproject:thank you for a lovely blog!


thanks for the lovely message Caitlin :)

toedlicher:I love your blog! It cheers me up every day. Thank you so much. <3

Thanks Kristine <3

hi Claire!
thank you dear , you too have a great one and please enable your askbox :)
spiderskinner:Your pictures are so lovely they inspired me to draw some more floral art again :) Thanks

rwow eally? this is awsome !

i hope you will share them with all of us <3

zesop:love your blog!


thanks dear!

Thank you so much for lovely messages  dear iamsuremyself, hadeel-sharaf and thelittlethingswelovealot  &lt;3 &lt;3
sweetness-coral:Love your blog and your playlist!!!!! EVERYTHING'S SO CUTE <3


thank you Anna <3

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