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fragileheartdiaries:I just want you to know that I LOVE your floral blog. A lot of the rustic photos are under my inspo tag for the fantasy book i'm writing. your stuff is so great I love it I love you I love flowers flower power yeah! xx

hey Ashley!

wow thanks, i will def. check your writing and poetry :)


y3llowgirl: hey Nata  thank youuu &lt;3 btw i love giraffes too :D
fireworksgagah: Thanks hun, you are super sweet &lt;3
fireworksgagah: gosh! thanks for the lovely message Sim, you put a huge smile on my face :)
truly1310:I love your blog so much!! One of my favorites :))

you are the sweetest!!

thank you hun :)

Thank alot dear byrondelarge, buyheraflower, kitty-eats-cake for the sweet notes you left in my askbox &lt;3
ineedfelixfelicis:Your blog is so beautiful I love it ♡ and it is such a great idea I love flowers :)

I am glad you like it Alex!

thanks <3

mybeautifulsweetheart:Do I have to say it again? Your blog is the most beautiful floral blogs on Tumblr <3. I infinitely enjoy it.


Thank you very much Huda,

you are always so kind your messages make my day as usual <3 <3

vagueastheshadow:I really love your blog ^_^ It's definitely one of my favourites. You post some really beautiful photos :)

Gosh, i am honored! :)

thank you dear <3

rainydayzmc:I love your account so much! ♥


thanks alot hun!

lostvestige:I love your blog!

Thank you Anne <3

about-clay:Thanks for having a cute ass blog... I'm not good at compliments without sounding REALLY clingy... Good job? (I love you)


…and i am worse replying them so we are perfect together i think you should follow me forever :D

thank you dear <3

this is such a sweet note 
thank you soooo much mimeaction.tumblr &lt;3
number36yellowpaper:I used to be a florist and now study landscape architecture, your blog is a wonderful inspiration for both! Do you work with flowers or just happen to love them ? :)

wow i am glad to hear that <3

nope ,i would love to work with them it is just a personal interest :)

mindydeschanel:do you speak German ?:)

i know how to use google translate, does it count? :D

dizzydrunksoul:Hey, just wanted to say I love your blog! It's so amazing and the theme it's gorgeous. Have a good day/night! :)

hi Ingrid!!

you are the sweetest, thanks <3

ironanh97:love your blog so much ^_^

Thank you sweetie, it means alot <3

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