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trecentoquarantaseichilometri:I love flowers and everything floral so i love your blog so much <3

it is always pleasure to meet new “flower lovers”

thank you Ilaria <3

hangedflowers:i love your blog omfg


thanks dear!

le-victrix:Your blog is sooo sweet <3


thanks Victoria :)

a-distortedd:Sem dúvidas para mim, o melhor tumblr de todos <3

you are the sweetest <3


youaremyloveamybestfriend:Adoro il tuo blog!!!! È stupendo❤️❤️

<3 <3

grazie mille

haveawarinmymind:I love flowers & your blog !!!

so do i :)

thanks for following!

hellepag:In love with your blog! So amazing.:)

thanks for the kind message Helen <3 <3

eddieveddersgirl:i really really love your blog ♥

aw! <3

thanks Alison :)

pictasso:I really love the photos you post! Great blog!

Thank you sweetie :)

summerwineteer:Hiiii i love your blog

hey there !

thanks Summer <3

an-eternal-cosmo:I absolutely love your blog! Stunning! ❤️

you are so kind, thanks <3

bobbiehouse:I'd just like to thank you for your informative posts on tumblr background codes. Helped me a bunch :)

happy to help :)

naivelittlewallflower:i just started following you, and already you're one of my favorite blogs :)

hey Amanda!

i am honored, thanks <3

padfootandpilots:Hi, i dind't read the FAQS because i'm on my phone, but i really really love your blog, is so beautiful ;-;

how dare lol!

thank you <3

myperfumesamples:Just wanted to stop by and let you know how beautiful I think your blog is :)

Thank you so much <3

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