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jembudyn : hi there!! I cant wait for the day that my male followers will out number the female ones :) thanks alot <3
hosh1zoranokoi : thank you very much Linda  <3

whenprayersturntopromises : you are so kind hun, thank you!! you to have a beautiful week <3
nefariousalpaca:Hey I just wanted to say that your blog is one of my favorite blogs on this entire site. :3

Gosh! i am honored, thank you so much hun <3

fearnograve:I don't know how many male followers you have, but I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog. I've always enjoyed nature, and flowers have recently become a greater enjoyment for me.


thanks for the lovely message, it is always great to meet lovely people as you who loves flowers as much as me <3

himynameiscabbot:I love your blog! It's awesome! Thank you and keep up this way! :D

Thank you Carlotta; you are so sweet <3

evegetslost:oh your tumblr is flowerful… that sounded nicer in my head (flower & wonderful put together) aha oh my x

<3 <3

it sounds even better i love it ! if i change my blogs name one day i’ll def. make it flowerful :)

thanks you Yvette!!

karenngyay:i looooove the music on your blog :^)

thank you Karen <3

artsinmyheart:Thank you for reblogging one of my photos, it really meant a lot to me! Have a great weekend :-)

it’s my pleasure dear,

thanks, you too have a fun week <3

snowypumpkin:You spoil me, I love your blog so much! :)


you are the sweetest, thanks :)

Anonymous:can you post your background please?

sorry i dont have it saved in my laptop but i t is one of the amazing illustrations of Jan Harbon

you can find all her work at her website http://www.janharbon.com/

miizukizu:Hello (。´∀`)ノ I've been drawing some botanical plants and your blog is my reference for flowers since then ~

hey there!

aww! i am honored :) 

i love to see your work i am sure it is great <3

irelandhambek: Gosh you are so sweet,
thanks alot for being so kind to follow my blog &lt;3
carolinedattnerblankstein: hey Caroline, there is no  need to thank it is my pleasure i love your photograpy &lt;3 thanks for kind message :)

whenprayersturntopromises: hi :) aww you are the sweetest, thank you &lt;3
theyoungestone:absolutely beautiful blog :)

Thank you, hun <3

bisexualtyrells:Your blog is so beautiful ♥

you are so kind Lauren;

thanksss <3

snowypumpkin:I just wanted to say that I love your blog so much!


Thanks alot hun :)

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